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Birkat hamazon (bencher) combined as a magnetic bookmark for simcha or business events

Birkat hamazon - magnetic bookmark combined with the traveler's prayer (tefillat haderech), birkat me'eyin shalosh or any text & graphics of your choice. Ideal new and unique favor for wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or any event. Personalize in any color to match your event.

  • Magnetic bookmark with birkat hamazon, tefillat haderech & birkat me'eyin shalosh in any color and design to match your event Birkat hamazon bencher combined with a magnetic bookmark

  • Display open in the table center, at each person's place setting or in a small envelope at the entrance to your event

  • Choose your own design and / or colors (including any color on the inner pages)

  • Add any personalized text, photos or brachot to both outer sides

  • Existing design includes tefillat haderech & birkat me'eyin shalosh on the bookmark

  • Ideal size & compact to place in your bag or wallet

  • Bookmark size: 5 x 11 cm when closed ; Open size is 5 x 22 cm

  • Laminated plastic on the outside of the bookmark for protection & enhancement

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