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Unique gift baskets, bags & mishloah manot sent throughout Israel

Customized gifts bags for your guests in hotels for your simcha - shabbat sheva brachot, shabbat chatan, wedding, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah


8 reasons why you should send our baskets or bags, and what makes us differ from other gift basket companies?

Our baskets contain a combination of our unique magnetic & printed gifts, as well as quality food items.

No two baskets are alike (unless you order the same baskets for a group). Every basket is individually prepared to match the occasion.

See the difference in the personal touch! With our baskets you can immediately see that they're not factory processed in large quantities.

You determine the value of the basket, and we plan it accordingly - leave the combination of items to our expertise! With OUR baskets you get value for your money!

You have a special request? We do our best to include it in the basket.

You choose the kashrut level of the basket.  

Personalized messages of unlimited length are included in all baskets.

We follow-up on all orders to ensure on-time and accurate delivery



All baskets include a selection of snacks and healthy food items. Packed in a range of beautiful baskets, bags or containers, our items include selected dried fruit & nuts, snack bars, pretzels, chocolates, fruit juice, teas or coffee, & many more items... and of course our unique magnetic & printed gifts. Baskets or bags are elegantly wrapped in cellophane with colored ribbon.

For group baskets for your guests at your simcha or event, you choose the value of the baskets or bags, and we prepare them accordingly, after consulting with you regarding any personal requests. We also include, if requested, a range of non-printed products -  including havdala candles, Dead Sea creams or any product that comes to mind...

Baskets sent for a specific holiday (chag) or occasion are packed accordingly. 

Your basket will be well remembered! Choose between food items that are Kosher Rabbinate, Mehadrin or Bedatz. Whether you are ordering one, or many for a group or company…we’ll be happy to assist you!    

If you are choosing individual baskets, choose from the following value baskets: $50, $65, $75, $100, $125, $150, $200. If you would like a basket of a different value, please CONTACT US

Basket prices exclude delivery charge. Delivery within Jerusalem - $12; Delivery within greater Jerusalem & other parts of Israel - $17.

For group deliveries to the same venue(s), there would be a once-off delivery charge (amount varies according to the number of baskets ordered).

To order, to inquire regarding the exact contents in your basket, or to choose a basket different in value to the above amounts CONTACT US


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