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Personalized candy, chocolates with customized wrappers, chocolate coins, Chanukah gelt

Custom chocolates & candies for bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, weddings, sheva brachot and shabbat chatan

Personalized candy, chocolates, marshmallows and chocolate coins Order personalized candy, chocolates, toffees, marshmallows and chocolate coins to give out to your guests at your upcoming wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, business or organization event or school function

Personalized chocolate coins
Personalized text and graphics are EITHER printing in full color and attached to the coins, or they are embossed directly onto the chocolate coin wrapping. Foil wrappings are available in silver (parve) or gold (milchik)

Sprinkle individually on the tables at your simcha or event, or alternatively we'll wrap the coins in net or organza bags (you choose the quantity per bag), with or without a personal note attached.

Personalize one or both sides of the coins. For embossing directly onto the foil, you may also choose from one of our existing range of designs. By using any of these designs on the one side, your personalized text on the other side will be added FREE OF CHARGE.

Chocolate coins with full color printing   Personalized candy and chocolate coins in organza bag


Personalized chocolates :

Personalized chocolates
Available in a range of sizes. Your personalized text, graphics or photograph will be printed in full color on the wrapper. Alternatively, choose from our range of existing wrapper designs to suit your simcha


Personalized candy and marshmallows

personalized marshmallows   personalized candies

Your personalized text and graphics will be embossed directly onto the wrapper. Ideal for sprinkling on the tables at your event, or alternatively, use them to throw at the shabbat chatan or bar mitzvah boy. Wrappings are available in a wide range of colors.

All chocolates & candy are Bedatz hechsher.
Chocolates can either be parve or milchik.

Candy Torah Scrolls / Sefer Torah sweets

Candy Torah Scrolls / Sefer Torah sweets

Design your own torah scroll candy in colors to match your event

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