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Designing, implementation & facilitation of workshops, adapted to the level of the participants

Enhance your own or your team's time management, strategic planning, and ability to achieve short term & long-term goals. Learn how to grow & develop your business, leadership techniques, improve your team functioning & customer service, marketing & sales techniques and more...

Participate on your own or with your team in our existing workshops, or we'll plan a workshop in your offices for your team.

Special workshops for small business owners, if you're planning on starting your own business, or for enhancing self-development skills, if you're not in business.

Lesley Kaplan group facilitator

View and join any of our upcoming existing workshops or alternatively we'll organize a separate workshop on the topic of your choice in your offices

Hands-on practical sessions to achieve the direction you're seeking.

Workshops in strategic planning,time management,leadership,goals,visionIdeal for individuals, work-groups, companies, organizations and educational institutions

Contact us for details of an upcoming workshop, or to design a workshop specifically aimed for your business or organization.

E-mail: lak.goals@gmail.com
Tel: 02-5900908 , 054-4247628

Alternatively, please complete the form below, and we'll contact you shortly.


Read how some of our previous workshop participants benefited from our workshops:

"I participated in this workshop & I can recommend it. Lesley has a lot to offer and the small group setting is very conducive to getting a lot from the experience. Thank you for all your guidance, help & encouragement. You consistently went "beyond the call" in trying to make sure that every participant had the best opportunity to gain the most possible benefit from the workshop. It was wonderful to witness the growth that we all experienced, especially in seeing different perspectives that were shared in the group in a very respectful way, & also the positive support that was shared amongst all the participants. " (B.J.)

"I found the workshop helpful in becoming more organized & focused. I also found most helpful the feedback within the group and Lesley's always encouraging manner. This greatly helped my self-confidence, regarding what are for me the difficult aspects of my business. Goal setting was especially useful." (T.M.)

"I gained many things from the course. Making a signature on my email, asking my retailer for a business deal which I got, more confidence with pricing, ideas and comments from group members. Thank you for all your energy and input". (M.S.)

"Lesley's class superbly prepared me for the business of business by creating within me a foundation of "why & how" to do business. Each hour was information packed and engaging. I built my business through her interactive exercises and worksheets. All of my ideas & suggestions were addressed in the content of the class. Lesley is a consummate professional. I'm eternally grateful". (Yael Kaner Enterprises. Doula. Essential oils. Caterer)

"I definitely started to think of what I do and myself as more of a business person. My friend even commented that my thought process has changed." (S.R.)

"The workshop was informative, helpful & equipped me with knowledge necessary for a business star-up & to better organize my future business, using time management & marketing skills." (T.B.)

"You helped me get clearer on the areas which are hindering my progress!" (M.G.)

"The workshop was very informative, helpful, non-pressured, low-key and gave me confidence." (D.D.)



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